They prefer Turkey. One billion dollars investment..

Business Investment They prefer Turkey. One billion dollars investment..

Halla group, the logistics, automotive and construction company of South Korea, will make regional distribution of one billion dollars part of the automotive in Turkey with its company that put into operation by the way of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

According to the explanation of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, South Korean Halla Group is the most important player of this sector in the world. It has a wide range and it is active in different areas such as building of ship, construction, education and sport. South Korean Halla Group carried out a huge investment in Turkey with getting involved by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

Mando Corparation, which becomes half participant of Maysan Mando, the  producer of suspension systems, is included in Halla Group as the biggest company. Halla group established the company of Halla Group Europe in Turkey.

Halla corparation europe began to be active on the formal ceremony, which was made in Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. The company has a huge share in the world by managing 1 billion dollars directly in Turkey within the scope of product distribution turned to the bazaar after sale.

At first, The company began to work with the target of 200 million dollars and the company became the main focus of a huge sales network which includes the works in Europe, Russia, Africa, Middle East and Central Asia. Anıl Yücetürk, who is general director of Maysan Mando, is assigned to top manager of Halla Corporation Europe.

It is an investment that earns money to Turkey.

The opinouns of Şekib avdagiç, The president of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, is taken place in the explanation. He specified that they are included in every stage of the investment’s decision.

He said: “ It will be so useful that Halla Holding, which is the prominent company of South Korea,will invest in our country, which has an important place in automotive. That will provide to renew technologically.”

Avdagiç emphasized the importance that Halla Holding decided to invest in Turkey rather than the opponent countries in the Balkans and Europe. “ The most important feature of this investment is that it is not just for the Turkish Market. It focuses on exportation. It means that it is an investment that earns money to Turkey and provide employment.”

Avdagiç specified that the investment decision of Halla Holding is a concrete result of the active role which is taken on by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce in attraction of foreign investment.

“ We are included in the decision of investment of Halla Holding as Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. We leaded up for them. We have the share in this important investment for our country. As Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, we help to big companies, inform them and we give all supports to them to invest in Istanbul. We are happy to see the concrete results of that today.

We trust on Turkey

Kyeong Sun Choi, the CEO of Halla Holding, specified his satisfaction in the collaboration. He said that Halla Group employed 15 thousand people with 20 billion dollars.

Kyeong SUN Choi: “ our trust on Turkey increased with this new investment after the partnership which was made in the last years under the name of Maysan Mando. We will create difference between our opponents with this investment that we made for automotive renewal market. We will be the first company, which will manage Europe operations in Turkey as distinct from our opponents. I wish that our new company will be good for the two friendly nations ”

He pointed out their trust on Turkey. Then he emphasized that they have investments plans about logistics and construction for future.

We have a serious contribution to employment

Anıl Yücetürk, CEO of Halla Corporation Europe, specified that the turnover target of the company is 1 billion dollars in five years.

Yücetürk shared the details of the investment of Halla Corporation Europe;

“ Our target is to open 12 branch offices and storehouses on three main zone. This company will be active as exportation oriented 90 percent. There are 26 production locations, 13 research-development centers, 7 sales offices, and 7 vehicle field tests of Mando Corporation all over the world. Halla Group is one of the biggest companies of South Korea and the world. Its participant Mando has 7 billion dollars turnover. It is one of the most important supplier of top ten brands in automotive. At the same time, it is a huge enterprise system in autonomous vehicle technology.”

Yücetürk said that Maysan Mando made 30 millon dollars investment in Bursa.

“  Halla Corporation Europe will have an important role in distribution of the automotive systems, which are produced by Mando in global, to regional markets. We will expand our limits as a group with this investment that we pay attention. We will continue to take responsibilities for improvement of the sector and our country in spite of the narrowing in automative sector all over the world. We will have a serious contribution to employment in addition to the economy of the country with new investments.

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