The Importance of Istanbul for Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Investment The Importance of Istanbul for Real Estate Investments

Istanbul is one of the most important investment centers for many investors from different countries of the world under today’s conditions. Especially, investors from Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Suudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait prefer Istanbul for both real estate and business investment.

Countries whose passports are more valuable are interesting in this sense. Turkey lowered the purchase price from 1 million to 250 thousand USD in September 2018 with regard to citizenship. Therefore, this number and region are attractive to them. The passport is also a reason to choose because Turkish passports are so valuable when compared some Arab countries.

Istanbul is the biggest metropolis of Turkey and is one of the most important places of the world. Millions of people visit Istanbul for different purposes every year like travelling or business. Especially, the developing districts like Başakşehir, Esenyurt and Alibeyköy are three of the most popular investment regions of Istanbul city for foreign investment concept today.

Numbers of Investment according to the nations

Iraq comes first. Since 2015, approximately 21 thousand housing units have been sold to Iraqis. Saudi Arabia is second. A total of 11,000 houses were sold to the Saudis, which corresponds to 11 percent of the market. And third place is Kuwait. The total number of houses that the Kuwaiti buys is around 8 thousand. This is 7.19 percent of the total. Fourth place is Russia.

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