Retired Foreigners Buy Residences Instead of Holidays

Discover Turkey Retired Foreigners Buy Residences Instead of Holidays

The right to citizenship in exchange for 250 thousand dollars to foreign recognition in Turkey, starting from the last quarter of last year led to large increases in housing sales. Especially retired foreigners in Antalya, instead of a week holiday in the hotel by buying housing finds the opportunity to vacation all summer.

Turkey in the last 7 years when we look at the overall residential sales to foreigners, there was a significant increase in home sales in 2019 as in tourism. The sales of housing to foreigners, which were 12,181 in 2013, reached 24,144 in the 7 months of 2019 and surpassed the total of all years except the 12-month total sales of 2018. Real estate investment consultancy official in Antalya, as of the end of this year, sales of housing to foreigners, just like the number of tourists is expected to reach the highest number of all years, he said. Of Antalya, Turkey’s most important tourism center pointed out that authorized 250 thousand dollars after the right to recognition of citizenship instead, especially on holiday in the hotel of foreign retirees, buying a summer house that he prefers to live in Antalya during the summer and noted that both qualify for citizenship. “One of the main reasons is the citizenship is given in exchange for an investment of $250 thousand. Since the last quarter of last year, this law came into force the demand has increased significantly. Also, people from outside want to live in Antalya. Generally 2+1 or 1+1 houses are considered. Houses are easy to live, easy to heat-cool and have low fixed costs.” he said.


Housing sales figures to foreigners by years are as follows.

Turkey in general:

  • 12 thousand 181 in 2013,
  • 18 thousand 959 in 2014,
  • 22 thousand 830 in 2015,
  • 18 thousand 189 in 2016,
  • 22 thousand 234 in 2017,
  • In 2018, 39 thousand 663 houses were sold.

Antalya in the sale of foreigners in 2013, 5 thousand 548, in 2014, 6 thousand 542 housing came first. In 2015, it sold 6 thousand 72, in 2016 4 thousand 352, in 2017 4 thousand 707, in 2018 7 thousand 938 houses with second place after Istanbul.

In Turkey, 14 thousand 674 in 2018, which housing sales, an increase of 46.7 percent in 2019 to 7-month period, 24 thousand 144 rose. Istanbul is the first with 10 thousand 806 sales in 7 months, while Antalya is the second. In the last 7 months of last year, a total of 3 thousand 524 housing units sold in Antalya, a 37.8 percent increase in the same period this year, 4 thousand 857 houses were sold.

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