Real Estate Offices will be Opened in 10 Countries

Discover Turkey Real Estate Offices will be Opened in 10 Countries

12 land registry offices will be opened in 10 countries in order to increase housing sales to foreigner investors. The first application began in Berlin. Netherlands, England and Russia are in the queue.

The Turkish Government pushed the button to increase the sale of housing. Within this scope, 12 land registry offices will be opened in 10 different countries. In recent years, the buyers and sellers had to go to the place where is the real estate located. The proceedings took place in the presence of the land registry office. The government will eliminate this obligation with the representatives. Immovable, buyer and seller may be in different places. In this direction, you will not need to come to Turkey by foreigners who want to take it. Thus, by reducing the bureaucracy, the citizens’ transactions will be easier.

It Started in Berlin

The pilot implementation of the land registry to be opened abroad was started with Berlin. Founded in Berlin Consulate, General of Land Registry and Cadastre Representatives in Berlin of Turkish Citizens living in Germany and foreigners wishing to acquire immovable property in Turkey is able to land transactions. In addition to procurement transactions, transfer, mortgage, swap, donation transactions and title deed registration, title deed registration sample, cadastral data for the purpose of information applications and map samples can be performed in this agency. In other countries where the agency will be opened, the number of Turkish citizens and foreigners who acquire immovable will be taken into consideration.

It is expected to reach 40.000

On the other hand, 32.000 housing units were sold to foreigners in the first 9 months of this year. By the end of the year expected to reach 40.000 sales of 35 billion pounds revenue is expected.

United Kingdom – Netherlands – Russia

Land registry and cadastre representations are planned to be opened in Germany, England, Greece, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Belgium, Qatar and 2 countries from Turkish Republics.

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