Persian Investors Prefer Turkey for Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment Persian Investors Prefer Turkey for Real Estate Investment

After the regulation of Turkish citizenship by investment which was published on September 2018, the interest of foreign investors to the Turkish real estate market increased recently. Especially investors from Iran, prefer Turkey for real estate investment with the citizenship advantage.

With the new regulation, the people who want to live in Turkey for years started to purchase real estate in different locations of Turkey to be a citizen. Persian investors are standing on the second place for the concept of real estate investment in Turkey, but they are the leader on the citizenship concept. Many people from Iran apply for Turkish citizenship by investment recently.

Lowering the lower limit of about 250 thousand USD for Turkish citizenship, it has increased the interest in real estate foreigners in Turkey. In the first quarter of the year, according to the nationality of the country, the sale of housing to foreigners reached 1781 houses to Iraqis, while the Persian investors purchased 946 houses. We can say that the Turkish passport provides visa-free travel to 114 countries, which is an attractive option for Iranians.

The deepening and broadening of the embargo, the continuation of the depreciation of Iranian currency and the rumors of war; the uncertainty of being overwhelmed by the Iranians can say that factors that increase their purchasing demands from Turkey.

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