New Record on Selling Houses to Foreigners

Real Estate Investment New Record on Selling Houses to Foreigners

3 thousand 720 housing units purchased by foreigners in April became the best April figure in sales to foreigners.

In April this year, housing sales to foreigners increased by 82.1 percent compared to the same month last year and rose from 2 thousand 43 to 3 thousand 720. Thus, the best April figures in history of housing sales to foreigners were seen.

According to the data, Istanbul continues to be the city of choice for foreigners when buying housing. Foreigners who bought 676 houses from Istanbul in April of last year became the owner of 839 houses in April of the new year. Foreigners’ housing purchases from Istanbul increased by 172 percent in April compared to the same month last year.

With 676 houses sold, Antalya became the second most preferred city for foreigners. Antalya was followed by Ankara with 210 residences, Bursa with 201 residences, Yalova with 142 residences and Trabzon with 100 residences.

The highest increase in housing sales to foreigners took place in Ankara with 366.7 percent. İzmir was followed by İzmir with an increase of 280 percent and Istanbul with an increase of 172 percent.

When the first 10 provinces where the highest number of houses were sold to foreigners were examined, it was noted that 30.1 percent decrease in house sales to foreigners and 15.9 percent decrease in Mersin compared to April of last year in Trabzon.

January-April period of the year examined in Istanbul 6 thousand 160, 2 thousand 575 in Antalya, 761 in Ankara, Bursa 691, Yalova 552 and Sakarya 414 units were sold to foreigners.

In terms of housing sales to foreigners, the provinces exceeding 200 were Mersin with 263, Trabzon with 255, Samsun with 249 and İzmir with 210.

The Housing Sales to Iraqi People Broke Record

Considering the nationality of the foreign homeowners in Turkey continued leadership Iraqis. Iraqis bought 337 houses in April of last year, and in April of this year they owned 533 houses.

Iraqis, Iranians with 307 houses, Saudis with 395 houses, 332 Iranians and Kuwaiti with 202 houses followed.

In April, Libya increased by 507 percent in housing sales compared to the same month last year, followed by Palestine (314 percent), Yemen (280 percent) and Lebanon (206 percent).

In the January-April period of this year, when the sales figures for foreigners were examined according to the nationals of the country, the sales of 2 thousand 314 to Iraqis, 278 to Iranians, 835 to Saudis, 789 to Russians, 696 to Afghans and 605 to Kuwaitis were realized.

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