Murat Kurum invited all G20 Countries to Invest in Turkey

Investment Murat Kurum invited all G20 Countries to Invest in Turkey

Minister of Environment and Urbanization Murat Kurum participated in the meeting of Ministers of Environment and Energy of G20 Countries held in Karuizawa town of Nagano, Japan.

The Minister delivered a speech at the “Robust Infrastructure Containing Climate Change Adaptation and Ecosystem Based Approach” program.

With changing climatic conditions in recent years in Turkey, droughts and forest fires in Turkey are threatened increasingly, depending on the change of the rainfall in the landslide and floods and torrents increase for Turkey to build a durable infrastructure in the context of achieving adaptation to climate change stating seen drew attention to the great importance.

From 2012 in Turkey in his speech noted that nearly a campaign launched for the conversion of areas at risk of disaster Authority, under urban renewal activities in the country they are aiming restructuring across 6.5 million homes each year, 300 thousand residential conversion that purpose, to be built while durable infrastructure and the investment costs of adaptation to climate change is highly expressed in growing foreign investors in the G20 countries, offering advantages in terms of investment opportunities and invited to invest in Turkey.

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