Luxurious Mansions are waiting for Their New Investors in Istanbul

Real Estate Investment Luxurious Mansions are waiting for Their New Investors in Istanbul

Recently, the interest of foreign investors to the luxurious mansions in Istanbul increased. Many investors from different countries started to purchase these kind of real estates at the last times with important advantages.

The 75% of real estate market in Turkey includes the luxurious mansions in Istanbul. Especially in recent years, buyers from the Gulf countries are coming for Bosphorus mansions. Combining Asian and European continents and crossing points with the position of Turkey, it offers advantageous opportunities for real estate investment in recent years. Especially for Bosphorus mansions, buyers from Iraq, Jordan, Iran, Qatar and Turkic Republics have recently arrived.

There are 600 waterside mansions along the Bosphorus. 136 of them are in the district of Sarıyer, 109 in Beykoz, 84 in Üsküdar, 37 in Beşiktaş, a total of 366 of them are historical monuments. Heritage and economic reasons are currently in the 60 housing units and 40 housing units for sale in the luxury housing market. The waterside mansion prices range from $ 4.5 million to $ 95 million, while prices of waterside apartments range from $ 1.5 million to $ 12 million.

When we look at the big picture of mansion market of Istanbul, the VAT incentives and foreign currency prices are two of the most important factors of increasing interest of Arab investors. With an investment of $ 250.000, it’s possible to acquire Turkish citizenship.

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