Istanbul : A fairytale between Asia and Europe

Discover Turkey Istanbul : A fairytale between Asia and Europe

Did you meet with Istanbul which is the most important bridge between Asia and Europe ? Istanbul is the only city that has land in two different continents in the world. More than 15 million people live in this city, so you will see a fairytale every hour of a day in this city.

It will be very exciting and fun to discover Istanbul, a city of mosques, palaces, parks and mansions that are unique in the world and dazzling with historical and cultural fabric on the continents of Europe and Asia. Very few cities in the world are so special and very exciting to explore. Istanbul has been ruled by 120 sovereigns and emperors throughout history and has hosted the three major civilizations.

Today’s Istanbul

When we look at today’s Istanbul, we will see a huge metropolis. Istanbul is the biggest economical, historical and tourism center of Turkey under today’s conditions. Places to visit in Istanbul are also unlimited. The most impressive places of Istanbul at the first sight are the Historical Peninsula and the Bosphorus. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Yerebatan Cistern, historical places such as historical sightseeing on the peninsula and Eminonu Galata Bridge starting from the Anadolu Kavağı, which lasts until the impressive Istanbul Bosphorus tour, Istanbul is a must-do for all the visitors of Istanbul. Your trip to Istanbul is not complete without taking a traditional and unforgettable sea cruise with ferries or boats in the Bosphorus that separates Europe and Asia.

Historical Background

Istanbul is one of the most important destinations of the world and controlled by a lot of civilizations like Byzantines, Ottomans and other during the history. The first inhabitants of Istanbul were Thracians and Phoenicians. The Thracians settled in Sarayburnu, and the Phoenicians settled in Kadıköy. With the development of maritime, Istanbul has always been a port city and it has become a site of Rome. The original growth was in the time of Emperor Constantine, and the population of the city was over 200 thousand.

As Istanbul’s importance increased, many states encompassed Istanbul to take over. The first siege BC It was built by the Macedonian King Filip in 340. Istanbul was very important for the Ottoman Empire. Therefore, it was besieged by the Sultan Beyazıt twice but could not be taken. II. Murat also failed to siege. But II. The siege of Mehmet was successful and he was given the title of ve “Conqueror” due to his success.

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