Huge Investment from E-Commerce Boss to Turkey

Sectoral News Huge Investment from E-Commerce Boss to Turkey

Jack Ma, the founder of the popular e-commerce system Alibaba and Aliexpress, is ready to make a huge investment to the Turkish market in near future.

We guess that everyone has an idea about Aliexpress. Because the company, founded by Jack Ma, is now one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites. After the crisis between the US and Turkey, Turkey has seen great support to continue their talks with friendly countries. The first of these was Qatar. The second was China. After Qatar announced it would invest $ 15 billion with Turkey, there was almost festive mood in the country. Almost all Qatar friendships writing against Turkey in newspapers, news came from China’s giant Aliexpress. Companies in the first place when logging in with a $ 1 billion investment in Turkey, will continue the project in conjunction with Trendyol to be purchased.

Aliexpress Office in Turkey

It’s not clear today, but there are some works about this issue. It is said to Jack Ma looks positive about opening an office in Turkey. Because Turkey – China in talks, “local currency” launched quickly to include the use of the two countries and with the aim of showing that China stands by Turkey against the shortage with the US sympathetic to this kind of friendship is known. Already after purchase for Trendyol now we often see e-commerce giant to the representatives of Turkey, where all the development is completed it will become clear within 2019.

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