How Much Residance Is Sold In Trabzon?

Discover Turkey How Much Residance Is Sold In Trabzon?

Trabzon was the 7th province with the highest number of houses sold to foreigners throughout the country.

Turkey Statistical Institute, Trabzon Regional Directorate of tasks in the area of the province; Housing sales in Trabzon, Artvin, Rize, Ordu, Giresun, Gümüşhane increased by 4.3 percent in August 2019 compared to the previous year.

According to a statement from the Regional Directorate of Turkey Statistical Institute, in August 2019 the number of housing sold in Turkey increased by 5.1 percent compared to the same month of 2018 was 110 thousand 538. In the same period, the sale of housing in the Black Sea region increased by 4.3 percent to 2 thousand 978 took place.

When analyzed by provinces, housing sales increased by 48.1 percent in Artvin to 160, by 27.2 percent in Rize to 295, by 16.3 in Ordu to 822, by 5,3 to 580. Gümüşhane decreased by 18.4 percent to 124, Trabzon decreased by 9.9 percent to 997 fell.

On the other hand, 27.4 percent of the houses sold in August, 33 percent in Ordu, 35.6 percent in Artvin, 34.9 percent in Rize, 24 percent in Gümüşhane, 2 and 18.9 percent in Trabzon as mortgaged sales took place.


In Turkey, it was sold in August 2019 to 3 thousand 604 housing foreigners. Trabzon is the 7th province with the highest number of houses sold to foreigners throughout the country. While 159 houses were sold to foreigners in Trabzon in August 2018, 100 houses were sold in August 2019 with a decrease of 37.1 percent.


Real estate investment consultancy official, starting from June in Trabzon, many countries, especially in the Gulf countries, starting charter flights, noting that the following assessment: “Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, such as the average of 15 times of travels a day is done.

As it is known, the Arab tourists who come to Trabzon for a long time, purchase housing and extend their stay in the region. The intensity that started in June also affects the trade in the city. In particular, the activity in the real estate market and the block sales increase the figures this month.”

He added that the number of residences acquired by foreigners in Trabzon has exceeded four thousand. In response to this demand in the city, very beautiful housing projects are produced, he said.

Also, “Especially in recent years, housing, quality, environmental regulation and facilities provided by the upper standard has reached. This potential also attracts foreigners about the purchase of housing.” he said.

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