Great Interest From Foreign Investors To Turkish Citizenship

Discover Turkey Great Interest From Foreign Investors To Turkish Citizenship

According to data from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, 2611 foreign investors have become Turkish citizens in a year since the amendment of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law. The Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on the Application of the Turkish Citizenship Law was amended in the amount of investment required to become a Turkish citizen. Accordingly, the requirement of at least $2 million in fixed capital investment, which must be met to acquire citizenship, was reduced to $500,000.

The provision of at least $1 million of the immovable property to be purchased on the condition that the annotation of the title deed records will be sold for 3 years was amended by the regulation, the figure was reduced to 250 thousand dollars.


The number of foreigners who are Turkish citizens with families of investors has reached 9 thousand 962. In the fields of Turkish citizenship with the investment, the Iraqis took first place with 327 investors. Iraqis were followed by Afghans with 240 investors. Other countries that are among the top Turkish citizens are Palestine with 170 investors, Egypt with 110 investors, Libya with 66 investors, Lebanon with 44 investors, Saint Kitts and Nevis Federation with 29 investors, Saudi Arabia with 28 investors, Pakistan with 26 investors and 24 investors. Sudan with 22 investors, Russia with 22 investors, Algeria with 21 investors and USA with 19 investors.


Authorized person stated that, the fact that nearly 3,000 foreigners are Turkish citizens is an important result of the steps taken in recent years and that the number will increase further in the following period.

Foreigners are closely following the Turkey market, “Turkey is a country which they believe to be their potential and they always follow. Now there is great demand from the Chinese. They know the country closer to its commercial activities in Turkey, “he said.

Authorized person also telling, a good rate for real estate purchases in Turkey’s 250 thousand dollars needed for citizenship, “which was previously the rate of $1 million was too high. 250 thousand dollars in the exact setting. Not lower. Turkey also has value. We need to protect this value.

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