Foreign Investors rely on Turkish Economy

Business Investment Foreign Investors rely on Turkish Economy

The interest of foreign investors to the Turkish economy will continue during the year of 2019. Institute of International Finance has announced that they expect Turkey to 51.3 billion inflow of money.

The Institute of International Finance (IIF) Executive Director Hung Tran, has noted that the interest level in Turkey is so satisfactory, “We believe that so far Turkey by a good capital inflow under current conditions. For the moment Turkey` this year we expect to have a capital inflow of $ 51.3 billion. ” said.

Turkey is taking an important place between the developing countries index for 2019. There are many opportunities in Turkish investment market. Following the strong currency inflows to the developing countries in 2017, Tran said that there have been some changes in the form of capital flows this year.

51 Billion USD Investment Expectation to Turkey

Hung Tran, were found in the assessment for Turkey’s economy and financial markets. In Turkey, high inflation and Tran indicating that the interest rate environment, “Turkey is InterestRate ones, but at a level sufficient to attract investors, how much will remain at what level the central bank for investors important. Because long stay of the higher interest rates level, economic growth and activities will have a negative impact on it. We think it is a good capital inflow to Turkey exist under current conditions. However, entries are not strong enough to meet the external borrowing requirements. Therefore, foreign exchange reserves and continuing pressure on the pounds. ” he said.

As a final word, the economical structure and stabilty are playing an important role on one country’s economical status. There are many factors that affect the attitudes of foreign investors.

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