China Attack For Foreign Housing Sales! 90 Flats Purchased In One Time

Discover Turkey China Attack For Foreign Housing Sales! 90 Flats Purchased In One Time

The housing sector, which has been struggling to sell in the domestic market due to rising interest rates for a long time, managed to survive with the sale of housing to foreigners. Demand in the domestic market began to revive with falling interest rates, while housing sales to foreigners continue to rise.

Gulf countries interest in Turkey continues to grow with each passing day, it was announced that experienced the largest increase in demand from the Chinese. The Chinese began buying housing from Turkey, according to statements made by the authorities.

Turkey regarding foreign record-breaking sales, the Chinese rose more than 34 digits. by China, the country rose to second place in the rate of increase in real estate purchases in Turkey. In recent years, significant progress has been made in the fields of trade and tourism with successive steps.

Finally, for 2019, by placing a target of 1 million tourists, it reported that the two airline companies of the investors from China started its flights to Istanbul late on real estate purchases in Turkey. Under the direction of the Chinese government, there has been an unprecedented activity.


Realizing collective purchases on behalf of its citizens, the Chinese citizenship company aims to invest 500 million Turkish liras by the end of 2020. “We are also negotiating for other sales. The China, Portugal, Greece and Europe’s interest was intense, but now they turned routes to Turkey,” he said. Also, a block of 90 flats was sold to a Chinese investment group over the completed housing project from Istanbul.


Officials said that they are in a new formation in the sale of housing to foreigners “By ministerial meetings that took place in recent days, particularly in Turkey, it was decided to form an association for the promotion and contribute to stronger regulation of the sector. Therefore, we are working with the professionals who sell housing to foreigners and our business partners working with us to associate with brands that provide international investment and consultancy. Negotiations were held with the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance. First, we start negotiations with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and then with the associations of the sector”.

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