Ankara : Gray Capital of Turkey

Discover Turkey Ankara : Gray Capital of Turkey

Did you meet with Ankara that is the capital of Turkey ? If your answer is “no”, you should visit the “gray capital” soon. Ankara is a capital city and shares the same fate as most of the world capitals. There are those who find Ankara too bureaucratic, boring and non-marine. But this cannot be a valid definition of Ankara. This is what you need to know about Ankara before traveling without prejudice.

Ankara is the bureaucratic and administrative center of Turkey. We can say, the Republic of Turkey is founded here and all of the government agencies are located here. There are valuable treasures we can find here in terms of culture and history. In addition to the Ankara Castle, the Agustus Temple or Suluhan, there are museums that will bring us into those times. In fact, these museums are too much. You can find all kinds of museums in Ankara. From a sculpture museum you can go to an ethnography museum and then to the science museum.

Places to Visit

Most people know Ankara as “gray capital” in different countries and cultures. We can prove that it shouldn’t be given a gray coat to Ankara by telling his city parks. Ankara is famous for its lush, wide and well-maintained city parks. Atatürk Forest Farm is an oxygen reservoir in the middle of the city. Apart from this, Kuğulu Park and the nearby Seğmenler Park, which you will see when you arrive at the Botanic Park, will give you a deep breath. Güven Park is a green meeting point on Kızılay Square. There are many places to rest and walk in Ankara with tree, green, park birds and benches.

As a final word, Ankara is the second biggest metropolis of Turkey after Istanbul city. You will find everything what you can find in Istanbul without sea in this city. You can also visit our Istanbul Guide to learn the amazing places of the city.

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