7 Reasons to Invest in Turkey

Investment 7 Reasons to Invest in Turkey

You will find the main 7 reasons to invest in Turkey in this article. The population, economy, infrastructure, labor force, energy and incentives play an important role for investing in Turkey for the concept of foreign investors at the last years.


Turkey is one of the most developing countries of the world with an average age of 29. With 82 million population, Turkey is the youngest country of Europe. The young labor force of Turkey is well-educated and skillful, also the young people are ready to challenge in the global market for different sectors. The qualified young population is so important for investors because the main requirement will be finding staff to employ in Turkey.


At the last years, Turkey managed to hold their economy in a stable way. The Turkish Government has been maintaining the sustainable development conditions for more than 10 years. So, the strong economy is one of the determinant factors for investing in Turkey.


The concept of infrastructure plays an important role on investment decisions. Because, the industrial facilities need a stronger
infrastructure. Recently, Turkey has made a lof serious investment to the country’s infrastructure, so the technical conditions and transportation network is so developed when compare the many countries of the world today.

Geopolitical Position

Today it defines as from the date of eastern and western linking southern Europe and northern Asia, which in a natural bridge ,Turkey has hosted many trade and cultural route. It serves as the most cost-effective transit point for trade relations. Because it is in a very critical geographical position to reach a population of about 1.5 billion people living in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Energy Corridor

Turkey is playing an active role for the energy transportation between Asia and Europe. With the TANAP Project and other important gas transportation projects, Turkey has been an important energy corridor at the last years.


The 33% corporate tax applied to foreigners is reduced to 20% and foreigners are encouraged to invest. Furthermore, in some cases, a full or partial exemption is applied from the Corporation Tax. Policies and land allocations that encourage investment in various regions are also among the other beauties that attract investors. Thus, various incentives are implemented for strategic investments, large scale and regional investments in order to reduce imports.

Dynamic Labor Force

Turkey provides about 600 thousand new graduates from 200 universities every year and the vast majority of which give 700 thousand high school graduates from vocational and technical high schools. The fact that there is a very young population in the real sense and that they are competing with each other for the job has increased the qualified work force and at the same time enabled the establishment of a competitive environment.

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